Theme is " the extreme, small furniture "

The feature of the product is the design which expresses the material to the utmost according to the purpose.



Stationery tray / Calm Black + Glaze Silver

As Donald Judd said in this way, products need to pay close attention to function and formability.

This is our way of looking at aesthetics of design. For example, the artistic nature of a chair is judged by whether it has a reason of its existence which is whether the chair has a useful and appropriate scale.

Developing goods for architectural space and interior.
The concept is “The Extreme, small furniture “
It aims to create products for those seeking authenticity and essence, including lifestyle and way of life.

Diffuser Bottle Case / Glaze Silver / Shallow Gold
Bookend / Soft Bronze + Champagne Gold

We are trying to create new concept by excluding wasteful and decorative ideas as much as possible by focusing “simple and authentic”.

We mainly use stainless steel and brass as main material to be sophisticated.


The Extreme, Small fumiture.

We believe that a more aesthetic value will be added to the product by pursuing essence even under predefined conditions and exploring useful scales.

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